Things You Should Know About Building a New Construction House In Gilbert

Building a home in Gilbert is a fun and exciting process. Even though things have changed some with Covid 19 it it still possible to find a home & floor-plan that you absolutely love. You get to decide the floor plan, finishes,  how many bathrooms you want, and how much you’re willing to spend. But before you head out model home shopping, it’s important to do your research and make sure you’re prepared for the process. Here are some important things you should know about building a house in Gilbert. You can also use the search tool at the bottom of the page to search & compare all builders, floor plans and pricing in your area in real time, just like the pros do. 

Even if you’re not planning to buy right now, we can help demystify the new construction home building process.

Having a home built can allow you to customize the floor plan & finishes to create the look you want with the functionality you need. Newer homes also offer the latest technology and energy efficiency but smaller yards & additional expenses. Our Home BUILDING System is provided at no cost to you & will not change the price of the home.

A home is most people’s largest financial decision & biggest asset. Besides quality of living, Equity is #1 benefit from home ownership.  Choosing a full time professional Realtor that has experience in New Construction Homes & has worked with all of the local builders makes all the difference.  We believe that your equity is just that, yours. Were here to help you build & protect it & our services can be provided at no cost to you!

If what you are looking for is honesty & someone looks out for your interests above all others. You’ve found the right place!  Were confident we can help you build a home you love from the lot selection to the design center & final walkthrough while making an educated & informed decision to protect your future resale values.

Broker/Owners with a Proven Track Record & Local Expertise since 2004

Our  system is designed to protect your financial interests & future resell values

We are EXPERTS  builders, floor-plans, lot selections, upgrades, budgets & inspections

We provide excellent communication, experienced counsel  & negation skills.  We know how to do this!

Avoid bait & switch programs, No gimmicks, Cancel at any time, You’re in control.


You may be tempted to go through the process on your own not even knowing the benefits can be provided at no cost to you.  However, if you have limited experience going model house-comparing or negotiating contracts, not having a professional at your side can be dangerous.

Your real estate agent can help you find homes that meet your needs, schedule model home showings, and can help you determine if the total base price & upgrades the builders are asking is fair.


While that small little starter home in a rural area may look great to a young couple, it may not look so fabulous after a few years, a couple of kids, and a job change.

You can’t completely anticipate all the life changes that will occur, but if you’ve got plans to get married, have kids, or even just adopt a gaggle of pets, make sure that you’re accounting for the needs of those plans when building a new construction home in Gilbert.


Mortgage companies want you to take out a large mortgage, as they make more money when they lend you more money. However, if you’ll struggle to pay that mortgage each month, you’re putting yourself in a bad financial position.

Think long and hard about how much you truly can afford to spend and only buy a house up to that line, not over.


Buying your first house in Gilbert isn’t purely about the cost of your monthly mortgage payments. You’ve still got to pay taxes, HOA fees, utilities, insurance, repairs, and more.

Try to get a ballpark idea of the total cost of ownership of the home using public records and the current owners’ utility bills, then add that amount onto the monthly mortgage payment. Make sure the total is a number you’re comfortable paying each month.


When it comes to buying a home, it’s not only about the base price listed on the website. It is lot premiums, design center & landscaping costs. every builder does it a little but differently.

Also, if there’s something that needs to be repaired or replaced, we are there every step of the way through walk though and punch lists advocating for your interests!

You’re ready to build a home – Congratulations! Let our team provide you with experienced guidance and advice when building a new construction house in Gilbert. Contact us at (480) 993-8653!

Click on this link to shop & compare all new construction floor plans and pricing in your area!



Showings:  While we are still available to show properties in person, with some restrictions, in order to facilitate social distancing, I am offering showings virtually via video platforms. We utilize drone video tours. You can watch from anywhere!

Offers: Offers can be presented virtually and can be signed using our electronic signature software.  You can stay in the comfort and safety of your home to submit an offer.

Buyer and Seller Meetings:  I am still meeting client’s face-to-face and am available to you. However, to support social distancing, I am conducting regular Buyer and Seller Consultations virtually using video conferencing.



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